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3 PHC Tips And Resources To Take Control Of Your Mental Health And Mental Wellness

Take Control Of Your Mental Health And Mental Wellness

We know this time of year is rough – from bills, to returning to a busy work place after the holidays, to waking up each morning to overcast and rain. That’s why we’re bringing you some resources and tips to help you manage your mental health and mental wellness.

As a result of a 2014 survey, we know that 30-40% of our Occupational Health & Safety interactions with staff and about 30% of our Long Term disability (LTD) open claims are related to mental health and mental wellness.  We’re committed to supporting you, our wonderful PHC staff, researchers, leaders and physicians, during those rough patches.

To make this bump in the road a little smoother, here are three tips you can do right now and three resources to support your mental wellness.

Tip #1 Bookmark PHC’s staff resources on your web browser so that they are easily accessible.

Resources: The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and Occupational Health & Safety.

EFAP offers free, confidential counselling to all eligible employees and family members. Check out the resources that EFAP has to offer you at

PHC has our own in house Occupational Health & Safety team who are here to support you. Check out OH&S’ intranet site and contact them with any questions you might have regarding the services and support they offer.

Tip #2 Incorporate movement into your day

We know that physical wellness and mental wellness are intertwined. Try adding some movement into your work day – take a walk around the block during your break and if you work at a desk try to take a quick 2-5 walking minute break every hour.

Resource: Check out the Staying Well section on the Staff Mental Health and Mental Wellness toolkit.

We’ve compiled resources and information on the toolkit to make it easy to find and accessible at work, at home, and on our mobile device.

Tip #3 Make time for self-care

Give yourself permission to take a break from your worries and concerns by dedicating even a short time every day to your mental health and mental wellness.

Resource: Check out the Self-Care section of the Staff Mental Health and Mental Wellness toolkit.

If you’re not sure where to start with Self-Care this section has everything from strategies you can implement in the workplace to small personal care strategies you can implement now.

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