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Many in BC Don’t Have Family Doctors. That’s Not Too Big a Deal Right Now (Dr, Rita McCracken, SPH)

Health-care system expecting surge in demand as COVID-19 spreads (Photo credit: The Tyee News)

But the health system is gearing up for big stresses.

The fact that huge numbers of British Columbians don’t have a family doctor won’t likely be a factor in dealing with the growing COVID-19 health emergency.

There will however be major stresses on the health care system and the people working in it, and the province is beginning to take steps to address them — though it isn’t yet accepting every offer of help.

“I don’t think that our absolutely crumbling, completely inadequate, primary care system is necessarily going to make COVID worse,” said Rita McCracken, a family doctor who practises in East Vancouver, provides care in a nursing home and teaches at the University of British Columbia.

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