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In Canada’s coronavirus fight, front-line workers miss their families, fear the worst and hope they’re ready (SPH)

ILLUSTRATION BY SALINI PERERA (Photo credit: The Globe And Mail)

From doctors and nurses to cleaners, in cities big and small, health professionals shared their stories with The Globe this week about what they’re doing to prepare for COVID-19′s peak.

Hospitals across the country are bracing for what’s expected to be a rush of new coronavirus cases in the coming weeks.

Precy Miguel works evenings cleaning rooms in the emergency department at St. Paul’s – washing floors, changing beds and wiping down railings. She cleans carefully and wears goggles and a mask at all times, adding more protection – including an N95 respirator mask – depending on the seriousness of the coronavirus warning on the door. When she leaves the hospital late at night, she carries a sanitizer wipe to scrub down railings, elevator buttons and door handles.

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