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Three quarters of hospitalized COVID-19 patients report symptoms months after recovery (SPH,Dr. Christopher Ryerson)

“Because we can’t predict who’s going to have severe illness, I think it’s really important that people take the public health measures seriously and just take COVID in general seriously.” (Photo credit: Ubyssey Online)

UBC researchers have published a clinical study on the occurrence of COVID-19-related symptoms in patients post-recovery.

The study, which analyzed patient-reported symptoms and overall quality of life, utilized data from a patient cohort recruited from the Post-COVID-19 Respiratory Clinic situated in Vancouver General Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital.

“Back in March, when it became apparent the pandemic was heading our way, there were several of us in the division of respiratory medicine, who are active clinicians and researchers, who anticipated the need for us to learn more about these patients and to do so relatively quickly,” said Dr. Christopher Ryerson, head of respirology at St. Paul’s Hospital and division head of respiratory medicine at Providence Health Care who was the corresponding author of the study.

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