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‘It was just terrible’: Living with COVID-19 and what comes next (SPH, Dr. John Boyd)

(Photo credit: APTN News)
(Photo credit: APTN News)

In early December, Robert Yelton, a 76 year old master carver from the Squamish Nation, in North Vancouver, B.C., started to feel unwell. He got a test that came back positive for COVID-19. Yelton is currently in a hospital bed recovering.

“In the beginning it started like the flu I thought it was just a flu the first week and then I couldn’t eat nothing and then the second week I thought it went away it came back.” Yelton says it was the sickest he has ever felt.

Dr. John Boyd is a critical care doctor at Vancouver’s St, Paul’s Hospital – he says they are still learning so much about COVID -19.

“March, April and maybe early May we were seeing mostly travellers we were seeing people who were older in their 70s and 80s and the starting in September we had a lot of patients here at St. Paul’s we had in the ICU we were running 11, 12 patients in the ICU on ventilators and so on and triple or four times that on the ward we are seeing them younger,” says Boyd.

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