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St. Paul’s doctors donate millions to help build their own hospital

St. Paul’s Hospital Radiology team

In December 2019, St. Paul’s Radiologists made a bold commitment to the vision of the new St. Paul’s hospital, banding together to donate an amazing $1 million.

“A group of us, about 15 radiologists, were discussing how we could help the new St. Paul’s Hospital,” says Dr. Jonathon Leipsic, Chairman, Department of Radiology, Providence Health Care. “We have the opportunity to profoundly impact the patients we serve for generations. We decided to make the commitment to donate a million dollars.”

Not to be outdone, one month later, a group of St. Paul’s Cardiac Surgeons donated $300,000. Next, in January 2021, Anaesthesiologists, inspired by their colleagues in Radiology and Cardiac Surgery, donated $1.25 million, and have since issued a friendly challenge to inspire others to give.

“This is our hospital,” says Dr. Jim Kim, Regional Head, Department of Anaesthesiology. “We’ve dedicated our lives to serving the people of BC and we think they deserve the best hospital possible.”

Their goal: 80% of medical staff donating to this campaign. Achieving this level of support from hundreds of medical staff members will reinforce their history of dedication to St. Paul’s – where they have dedicated their careers – and establish their legacy at the new St. Paul’s Hospital.

These doctors, whose teams have donated more than $2.55 million to help build the new hospital, are available to speak to the media on Monday, March 15 at 10 am:

  • Dr. Jonathon Leipsic, Chairman, Department of Radiology, Providence Health Care
  • Dr. Jamil Bashir, Surgical Director Laser Lead Extraction, St. Paul’s Hospital
  • Dr. Jim Kim, Regional Head, Department of Anaesthesiology

Location: outside St. Paul’s Hospital, 1081 Burrard Street

To arrange for an interview, please contact:

Sarah Burgess
Director, Marketing and Communications
St. Paul’s Foundation