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My Beautiful Home, Vancouver: Jack Roche, 91, writes his first song

Providence Health certified music therapist Josh Denny-Keys composed the music to the lyrics written by St. John Hospice resident Jack Roche (R), 91. Photo: Francis Georgian, Postmedia

Vancouver, he is back; to his city by the sea he is back, he is back.

The words, with the pronouns altered slightly, are Jack Roche’s, lyrics to the first song he’s ever written (but not the last, he promises). He is 91, and is feeling revitalized.

Roche was admitted to the St. John Hospice at the University of B.C. in November because of pulmonary fibrosis, He was terribly sick and weak, and not expected to have long to live. His family — wife Gail, daughter Jenny, son Tom and daughter-in-law Naz — readied themselves for the worst.

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