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Remote monitoring system will improve at-home care for discharged patients  


Providence Health Care Ventures and St. Paul’s Hospital are involved in the creation of a new digital platform that aims to improve the quality of at-home care for discharged patients, saving hospital resources for acute cases.

The Continuous Connected Patient Care (CCPC) digital platform is a novel remote patient monitoring system project led by health-care technology company Medtronic and involving expertise and technology from a consortium of partners: Providence Health Care Ventures, St. Paul’s Hospital, Excelar Technologies, Simon Fraser University, Cloud DX, 3D Bridge Solutions, and StarFish Medical (as a Medtronic sub-contractor).

Each partner offers a unique and vital component to create the seamless end-to-end monitoring system for clinicians and patients at the hospital as a solution to the challenge of providing affordable, easy-to-use, hospital-grade care at home.

Providence Health Care Ventures will provide patient and clinical needs assessment, workflow, and validation, co-design and co-development of the end-solution. It will also provide data governance and integration. The consortium will work with St. Paul’s Hospital clinicians on the requirements definition and process design.

Expected to launch in 2024, the project has a total budget of $12.8 million, with $5.2 million co-invested through the Digital Supercluster.

Improving outcomes, saving resources

Patients who have been hospitalized for significant health issues often remain in the system for basic supervision and monitoring while they heal. 

General ward care can cost up to $2,000 per patient, per day. Stable patients that could be monitored with at-home care take up resources such as hospital beds, equipment, and health-care workers’ time, limiting system capacity for incoming acutely ill patients.

Continuous remote monitoring of recently discharged patients is expected to improve patient outcomes and free up badly needed hospital resources.

“Hospital resources should be focused on patients with the most urgent and severe illnesses, but many people hospitalized for significant health issues remain there for basic supervision and monitoring while they heal,” says Rick Sethi, CCPC Project Leader and Director of Open Innovation at Medtronic. “CCPC is about improving patient outcomes by providing hospital-level monitoring at home for less acute patients – sparing them from unnecessarily long hospital stays and subsequently, reducing wait times and freeing up resources for patients who need in-hospital care.”

Completed and approved in 2024

The Digital Supercluster is a co-investment partner, providing $5.2 million in funding through Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to accelerate made-in-Canada healthcare innovation and and keep Canadians healthy through improved outcomes. The CCPC platform is expected to be completed and approved by regulators in 2024, at which time, Medtronic intends to market the platform to health-care providers in over 125 countries.

The project will initially focus on adults with congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with attention on internal medicine and geriatrics. Under the funding agreement, patients, families, clinicians, and industry partners will collaborate to build, test, evaluate and demonstrate the applicability of the CCPC platform, as well as gather critical data related to patient health-care outcomes that will underpin broader commercial deployment in the future.

What is Providence Health Care Ventures?

Providence Health Care Ventures nurtures and accelerates the commercialization of health care solutions while reinvesting resources into social justice causes and continued innovation growth at Providence Health Care and the creation of a learning-health system. Ventures offers health system expertise, access to the PHC ecosystem, and the capacity to navigate the health care landscape. The team collaborates with like-minded stakeholders to bring leading-edge health care solutions to the market for the benefit of all.

This story was adapted from a news release, which you can read here.