New St. Paul's

Inside the new St. Paul’s Hospital: Mental Health Inpatient Units

Claire MacEwing, senior project and change management lead on the New St. Paul's Hospital Project.

All patients will have private rooms in the new Mental Health Inpatient Units at the new St. Paul’s Hospital – enhancing patient privacy, dignity and comfort during their recovery journey.

Each room includes a private bathroom, wardrobe and desk space for a more home-like environment. Rooms will also include a large window, bringing in natural light and views of the North Shore Mountains.

Patients will have more autonomy and control over their rooms. For example, patients will be able to adjust the blinds of the room window and door, as well as control the lighting throughout their stay.

Watch: Claire MacEwing, senior project and change management lead on the New St. Paul’s Hospital Project, gives a tour of a Mental Health inpatient room. Details are subject to change.​

Rooms are designed to ensure the safety of the patient while also preserving their dignity and autonomy. Furniture and hardware will be tamper-proof and ligature-resistant to minimize opportunities for self-harm, while design features in the room, like angled bathroom doors and observation lights, provide staff good lines of sight to check on patients without having to invade their privacy. ​

There will be three Mental Health Inpatient Units on the 8th floor at the new hospital. Each unit offers:

  • A welcoming, therapeutic environment to help people feel safe and respected
  • A variety of spaces to promote autonomy and well-being:
    • consult, sensory and multipurpose rooms for individual or group therapy
    • lounges, fitness spaces and kitchens
  • A safe, secure garden courtyard

What are mock rooms? Mock rooms are life-size model mock-ups of key spaces in the new St. Paul’s Hospital. They are used to fine-tune designs and catch any issues before the hospital is built. Designs are subject to change. Want to watch more mock room tours? Click here.

Construction of the new St. Paul’s Hospital is expected to finish in 2026, after which staff will be able to begin training in the new space. The hospital is expected to open to patients in early 2027.

Story by Carmela Mok