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How To Get The Most Out Of A Sunny Day

This could be you! Well... almost. It's not quite warm enough yet.
This could be you! Well... almost. It's not quite warm enough yet.

After months of patiently waiting, it’s finally starting to feel like spring has arrived in Vancouver. To help you get the most out of today’s surprisingly sunny and warm day, we put together four things you can do on your break.

Take a walk along the sea wall

For those working at St. Paul’s Hospital, Hornby Street and Howe Street, you’re within walking distance to one of Vancouver’s prize jewels – the sea wall. Walk straight down Thurlow, Hornby or Howe Street until you reach the ocean, then walk until your heart is content (or until your break is up). PHC researchers recently demonstrated that getting 30 minutes of activity a day, or 150 minutes a week, reduced the overall risk of death by 28 per cent, while heart disease death was reduced by 20 per cent. That’s a pretty good reason to take a 30 minute walk along the sea wall; the beautiful scenary is an added bonus.

Grab a lunch buddy and eat outside

2004 study from the University of Michigan showed that getting outside for at least 30 minutes improves mood and memory. So take full advantage of today’s weather – grab your lunch, and a friend, and trek out to a nearby park to get your 30 minutes of outdoor time.

Do some gentle yoga in a park

We know that physical wellness is important to your overall mental health and wellness, and staying physically active can be tough during the work week. Another way for you to integrate physical activity into your day is through a quick 25 minute yoga practice in the park. Here is a 25 minute Gentle Yoga routine that you can follow from Yoga With Adriene.

Go hunting for a Food Truck

Did you forget your lunch on the counter today? Here’s one way to try new foods and also get your daily dose of sunshine: go hunting for a food truck! Vancouver has lots of food trucks and trolleys around town, check out this handy map to see if there’s a food truck near you.

You can find other ideas for how you can inject a bit of wellness into your day in the Staying Well section of the Staff Mental Health and Wellness toolkit.

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