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After the overdose: the overlooked story of survivors

CBC's Dr. Brian Goldman interviews Holy Family Hospital's Rae Johnson about brain-damaged younger people in long-term care.

Dr. Brian Goldman, a Toronto emergency doctor and host of the CBC Radio national medical show, White Coat, Black Art, recently paid a visit to Providence Health to cover a sobering story.

He was noticing that much attention was being paid to the staggering numbers of people dying from opioid overdoses, many of them in BC and in particular, Vancouver. But he wondered about the often-forgotten survivors, many with irreversible brain damage.

What was their fate?

Dr. Goldman spoke with Rae Johnson, site leader at Providence’s Holy Family Hospital, for the perspective from a long-term care facility, and with Dr. Del Dorscheid, for his view through the lens of the Intensive Care Unit at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Dr. Del Dorscheid, a doctor at St. Paul’s Intensive Care Unit, speaks to Dr. Goldman

Dr. Goldman’s story, “After the Overdose,” is  here.

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