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Science still confused over whether marijuana can tame opioid epidemic (Dr. M-J Milloy, SPH)

Dr. M-J Milloy (Photo Credit: UBC News)
Dr. M-J Milloy (Photo Credit: UBC News)

It seems that ever since the first study emerged showing that the cannabis plant might be able to prevent tens of thousands of Americans from dropping dead every year from fatal overdoses, we have seen a steady stream of new studies showing conflicting results. To say the science over this concept is all over the map is an understatement.

Simply put, no one appears to have any idea whether access to legal weed would really keep people from using opioids in the first place, or serve as a trapdoor from the throes of addiction. Some of the latest research on the matter shows the confusion over marijuana and opioids is still prevalent.

“We are very aware of the risk of harms,” said lead researcher M-J Milloy. “And I want to emphasize that none of us think that cannabis is a panacea or a silver bullet to knock out the overdose crisis. What we do think, though, is that it has tremendous potential.”

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