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Magic mushrooms to treat depression? COMPASS Pathways pushes forward with U.S. patent for psilocybin therapy (BCCSU)

UBC psychedelics researcher Kenneth Tupper appeared on the cover of the Straight in 2018. (Photo credit: The Georgia Straight)

Back in early 2018, the Straight published a cover story on the growing field of research into psychedelic plants and chemicals.

This wasn’t the paper’s first foray into this field, of course.

In its earliest days as a pioneering alt-weekly, the Straight spilled plenty of ink on this topic.

Most notably, artist Rand Holmes ran the legendary Harold Hedd comic strip in the paper in the early 1970s, featuring a beloved, long-haired, drug-loving hippie.

The B.C. Centre on Substance User, housed at the University of British Columbia, was by that time one of the world’s leading centres of this field of study.

Click here to read the full story on The Georgia Straight.

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