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COVID-19 confirmed at St. Paul’s Hospital NICU (SPH)

A COVID-19 outbreak has been confirmed in the neo-natal intensive care unit at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. (Photo credit: Global News)

COVID-19 has been confirmed in the neonatal intensive care unit at Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital.

St. Paul’s NICU is for babies who need intensive nursing observation and care.

Vancouver Coastal Health’s latest Facility Outbreak Bulletin, posted just after 3:30 p.m., lists the unit and says restrictions were imposed Thursday.

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  • This outbreak just shows how tough to eliminate any possible outbreak despite the fact that everyone( I firmly believe) working at this health facility have tried their best to put safeguards in place and comply with them. Salute to all the front line workers, such as health care professionals, EMT, Firefighters, Police officers, customer service rep. cashiers, general help, etc.
    Yet, the number of cases still grows day by day. NOW, It is up to everyone of us treat this pandemic seriously: Keep social distancing at all times, put on the mouth covering in the confined space, reducing the social activities to the minimum , and washing our hands as often as possible.
    We all want our lives back to normal, so we should try to do our very best to make it happen, not just behave negligently .

    It will be great if all stores will make sure all these safeguards effectively carried out at their premises. It will be great if there are some news reporting how stores try to ensure the safety of their customers during the pandemic