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Cannabis offers a path away from opioids, BC studies find (Dr. M-J Milloy, BCCSU)

Researcher Danya Fast: ‘These are young people who are navigating multiple crises.... And cannabis helps them to deal with the everyday emergencies of those crises (Photo credit: The Tyee)

A safe supply of cannabis could reduce other drug use and ease challenges for marginalized youth, according to research.

Four years ago, Scarlett Nelson was sent into a panic when she learned she was pregnant. But the unexpected news gave her the motivation to stop injecting meth and heroin before her baby was born.

Regular cannabis users also appear to be far less likely to begin injecting drugs to begin with, said study co-author M-J Milloy, a research scientist at the centre and a UBC assistant professor. “Cannabis can help us save lives,” he said, “particularly among the people shouldering the burden of the overdose crisis.”

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