New St. Paul's

Inside the new St. Paul’s Hospital: Inpatient Room

Maria Li, senior project and change management lead on the New St. Paul's Hospital Project.

Modern, private, single inpatient rooms are coming to the new St. Paul’s Hospital. Person-centred design and integrated technology will help improve the patient experience during their stay.

Watch: Maria Li, senior project and change management lead on the New St. Paul’s Hospital Project, gives a tour of a patient room at the new St. Paul’s Hospital. Details are subject to change.

Patients will be able to rest in a more comfortable, quiet and home-like environment. All rooms will have a private bathroom, bedside cabinet, wardrobe with a personal safe, television, large window to bring in natural light, and a sleeper chair for family.

Patients will also have a greater sense of autonomy in their own room, able to control their own lighting, adjust the blinds, and do as they like in their own time and space.

Single-patient rooms also offer patients more privacy and confidentiality, and it will help limit a patient’s exposure to contagions and the potential spread of disease.

Integrated technology

Innovative and integrated technology in inpatient rooms will help patients stay informed about their care, keep in touch with friends and family, and have more control over their room environment.

A bedside tablet will allow patients to choose their entertainment and request meals, giving greater autonomy over their daily needs. Outside each room will be a digital display to help notify staff of any isolation precautions, language needs, or dietary restrictions.

Improved quality of care

Embedded in each room will be equipment and resources to help strengthen the quality of care provided to a patient. Patient lifts will be built into each room, which will help staff transport patients with limited mobility to and from the bed, bathroom or wheelchair. The lift will enhance the comfort and dignity of the patient as they are moved and help reduce the risk of injury for both patients and staff.

Each room will also have a computer to help enable more timely care. Staff will no longer need to leave the patient’s bedside to search for an available mobile workstation if they need access to electronic health records, policies, or patient education material.

What are mock rooms? Mock rooms are life-size model mock-ups of key spaces in the new St. Paul’s Hospital. They are used to fine-tune designs and catch any issues before the hospital is built. Designs are subject to change. Want to watch more mock room tours? Click here.