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Inside the new St. Paul’s Hospital: Mental Health Care Team Station

Claire MacEwing, senior project and change management lead on the New St. Paul's Hospital Project.

Staff at the new St. Paul’s Hospital will have a more spacious, collaborative and secure space to work at in the Mental Health Inpatient Unit care team stations.  

Watch: Claire MacEwing, senior project and change management lead on the New St. Paul’s Hospital Project, gives a tour of a Mental Health care team station. Details are subject to change.

A care team station is the new term for a nursing station, a space for staff communication, collaboration and concentrated work. ​

Care team stations in the Mental Health Inpatient Units, located on the 8th floor of the new St. Paul’s Hospital, are designed with an on-stage/off-stage approach to help ​separate patient and staff spaces. This design helps to improve flows for both patients and staff, provides a space for greater team collaboration, and increases patient confidentiality.

Staff will be able to enter the unit through the care team station, instead of the patient and visitor doors. Everything that staff will need will be accessible within the care team stations, such as the medication rooms. The care team station will be bigger than the nursing stations at the current St. Paul’s Hospital, and it will have plenty of space for collaborative or independent work.

The design of the space prioritizes staff and patient safety.  Unlike other care team stations in the new hospital, the Mental Health Unit care team stations will be boomerang-shaped to help maintain good lines of sight into the entire unit. There will be also protective glazing (the height of the glazing is still being finalized). Staff will have good visibility into patient areas, and patients will still be able to access staff if they require assistance.

What are mock rooms? Mock rooms are life-size model mock-ups of key spaces in the new St. Paul’s Hospital. They are used to fine-tune designs and catch any issues before the hospital is built. Designs are subject to change. Want to watch more mock room tours?  Click here.