Nursing Education Day Explores Women’s Cardiac Health

nursing education day

Annually, Nurse Educators and Clinical Nurse Specialists in the Heart Centre at St. Paul’s Hospital organize an education day for nurses and nursing students from across the province. Each year we focus on a specific cardiac topic that will support nurses in their practice.

Our topic for this year, titled A Women’s heart: Simple of complex? will focus on cardiac health and illness in women. Despite important physiological differences that exist between men and women, women have been under-represented in research related to cardiovascular disease and treatments. In fact, there is clear evidence disparities in awareness, reporting, recognition and treatment exist in relation to heart and brain health in women.

Attendees will learn differences in etiology, epidemiology and nursing considerations in caring for women with heart disease. Specific topics include primary prevention, pregnancy and heart disease and spontaneous coronary artery dissection. This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Tara Sedlak, Director of the Leslie Diamond Women’s Heart Centre and the only cardiologist in Canada to receive certification in women’s heart health.

This full day event is being help at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre at UBC on Friday, June 8. Registration is filling up fast! Register before June 1 to secure a spot!

See attached for a copy of the program and poster!

The link to register is here (must open in Google Chrome).

A Woman's Heart: Simple or Complex?


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