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Champion power lifter works to bolster strength of frontline workers (MSJ)

(Photo credit: Vancouver Is Awesome)
(Photo credit: Vancouver Is Awesome)

Starting in April the athlete has donated food, coffee and water to hospitals across the Lower Mainland

Instead of bench pressing the weight of your average fully grown black bear, Sumeet Sharma has been lifting the spirits of frontline workers.

Sharma, a competitive powerlifter with several gold and silver medal finishes earned over his career already, was set to compete in the European Junior Powerlifting Championships last May until the coronavirus (COVID-19) dashed those plans. As the pandemic spread and put increasing pressure on frontline workers, Sharma would switch out lifting disks of iron for crates of water bottles and boxes full of food to donate to nurses across the Lower Mainland.

Since April Sharma, along with his sponsors, friends and family have delivered Indian food, pizza, coffee, nutrition bars, and water bottles to hospitals. The initiative switched from hospitals to schools in early September but not before donating to Vancouver General, Royal Columbian, Abbotsford Regional, Langley Memorial, St. Paul’s and Mount Saint Joseph.

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