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Inside the new St. Paul’s Hospital: single room maternity care

Craig Harris with the new St. Paul's Hospital project inside a mocked-up maternity room.

Single-room maternity care (SRMC) will continue to be the model in the Pregnancy, Birthing and Newborn Centre at the new St. Paul’s Hospital. Pregnant people will be able to labour, deliver, and recover all in their own private room. This provides patients with a welcoming and homey environment for a more comfortable stay. 

Watch: Craig Harris, senior project and change management lead on the New St. Paul’s Hospital Project, gives a tour of a low-risk single-room maternity care room.  

New to the low-risk SRMC rooms will be a labouring tub to provide patients with an alternative labouring option. There will be ample space around the tub for the birthing person to walk around, and for the support people and caregivers to move comfortably around it.

The room will have a wet zone where the bathroom, shower, and tub will be. The dry zone will include the birthing bed, baby bassinet, and space for family.

In situations that may be more complicated, the birthing person will stay in a high-risk SRMC room without a tub so there is more space for equipment and staff.  

All SMRCs will include:

  • Private bathrooms with a sink, toilet, and shower
  • Family area with a sleeper chair and storage space

What are mock rooms? Mock rooms are life-size model mock-ups of key spaces in the new St. Paul’s Hospital. They are used to fine-tune designs and catch any issues before the hospital is built. Designs are subject to change. Want to watch more mock room tours? Click here.

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