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White Rock man walking for first time in two years thanks to 3D printed talus bone (Dr. Alastair Younger, SPH)

John Jefferson with one of three titanium and cobalt 3D printed talus bones made for him. In May, one of them were put into his ankle and he's walking again for the first time in two years. (Photo Credit: City News 1130)

A White Rock man is doing something this weekend he never thought he’d do: walk hand-in-hand with his young grandson.

“It’s my grandson’s 3rd birthday. He’s in Seattle and I’m going down there and he’s gonna walk me around the backyard. He’s never known me but in a wheelchair,” says John Jefferson. “So it’s gonna be pretty exciting.”


Located in the ankle, the small bone sits between the heel bone and the two bones of the lower leg, and is crucial for walking. While Jefferson’s talus bone got reinserted after he was airlifted to hospital, it got horribly infected over 18 months and in August 2018 was removed at St. Paul’s Hospital.

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