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‘Silent’ strokes after elective surgeries in older adults double their risk of later cognitive decline (Dr. Carl Brown, Dr. Manoj Raval, Dr. Ahmer Kariumddin)

Older adults who undergo elective surgeries, such as hip or knee replacements, commonly experience “silent” strokes (strokes with no obvious symptoms) that double their risk of cognitive decline a year later, researchers have found.

In a study published in The Lancet on Thursday, an international team led by Canadian researchers found 7 per cent of patients, or one in 14, aged 65 or older had a silent stroke after elective, non-cardiac surgery. These silent strokes, also called covert strokes, can occur without patients noticing them but are detected in brain scans.

Read the full story on the Globe & Mail.

Please note: Dr. Carl Brown, Dr. Manoj Raval, and Dr. Ahmer Kariumddin are mentioned within the study on the Lancet.


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