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What a difference going under the knife can make in your life (Dr. Jamil Bashir, SPH)

St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver (Photo credit: News 1130)
St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver (Photo credit: News 1130)

The Human Heart, What’s it all about: Life & Death, Love & Hate, Laughter & Sadness? Music & Heartache? Politics, Commerce and Business with No Heart or All Heart, “To Be or Not to Be”, as Shakespeare once posed? Is it just one of many complex organs of the human body or some thing much grander and lofty, connected to other distant cosmic ages and places?

Recently, this writer underwent a complex operation to replace a faulty defibrillator and pacemaker with defective leads that had embedded themselves dangerously-deep within his heart, that needed to be deftly extracted and replaced or life was in doubt. Dr. Jamil Bashir, a par excellence neurosurgeon at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada led the team of surgeons and supporting medical staff to undertake the operation.

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