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Jordan Peterson seeks ’emergency’ drug detox treatment in Russia (Dr. Michael Krausz, CHÉOS)

Jordan Peterson, the polarizing pundit and University of Toronto professor, is in a Russian hospital undergoing drug detox treatment and recovering from a severe bout of pneumonia, his daughter has revealed. (Photo credit: CBC News)

Jordan Peterson’s family says he has sought “emergency” drug detox treatment in Russia, after several failed attempts to overcome his dependence on a potent anti-anxiety medication. 

The controversial University of Toronto psychology professor and internationally famous self-help guru is said to have been in a Moscow hospital for the past month, recovering from both the “incredibly gruelling” treatment and a severe case of pneumonia.

Dr. Michael Krausz, the director of addiction psychiatry at the University of British Columbia’s Institute of Mental Health, says the treatment for benzodiazepine addiction is difficult, regardless of where it takes place.

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