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Antivirals saved people from AIDS, so can they help with COVID-19? (Dr. Julio Montaner, BC-CfE)

Vancouver biotech firm AbCellera is looking for a COVID-19 cure. Just as it was with HIV, the search for a treatment will be measured in months and years, not weeks, scientists say. (Photo credit: CBC News)

HIV/AIDS was once a death sentence but the virus is now treatable

Artist Tiko Kerr pulls down a large cardboard box from a shelf in his East Vancouver studio. It’s overflowing with empty pill bottles.

“These are my meds. This is what keeps me alive.”

The prominent artist was nearly killed by HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

He and other activists, backed by leading AIDS researcher, Dr. Julio Montaner, lobbied for access to experimental drugs in the hopes they would save Kerr and others on death’s doorstep.

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