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A novel ritual for a novel virus (Dr. Christopher E. De Bono, PHC)

West End residents on their balconies to show support for health-care workers. Chris de Bono says he finds the nightly noise “strangely comforting” and something he prepares for every night. (Photo credit: The B.C. Catholic)

In the densely apartment-laden West End of Vancouver where I live, a ritual erupts every night at 7 o’clock, when for between three and five minutes people open their windows, go to their balconies, or congregate at a safe distance on the rooftops of their buildings. Why? To make a lot of noise.

Some clap, others shout. Many just bang kitchen pots and pans. Some even bring loudspeakers and drums and beat out a rhythm.

A novel virus needed a novel ritual.

Dr. Christopher E. De Bono is Vice President of Mission, People and Ethics for Providence Health Care.

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