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After beating COVID-19, Vancouver physician Joseph Finkler explains how pandemic transformed emergency medicine (Dr. Joseph Finkler, SPH)

Dr. Joseph Finkler's daughter Laura, a palliative care nurse at St. Paul's Hospital, was unable to do work in the community for 14 days after her dad contracted COVID-19 because she also had to be isolated. (Photo credit: The Georgia Straight)

One of the tragedies of the novel coronavirus pandemic has been the impact on front-line workers’ health. Many have contracted COVID-19 and some have died.

Dr. Joseph Finkler considers himself one of the lucky ones—the St. Paul’s Hospital emergency room physician is back at work after recovering from the disease and coming out of quarantine just over a week ago.

He concedes that it sort of snuck upon him.

“I didn’t recognize the symptoms because I had been working a whole bunch of night shifts,” Finkler told the Straight by phone. “I felt really crummy and tired.”

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