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B.C. residents turn up the volume in nightly salute to health-care workers (SPH)

People on apartment balconies applaud and make noise in support of healthcare workers at 7 p.m. in Vancouver's West End, on March 24, 2020. Organizers have used social media to coordinate the nightly event to show support for front-line healthcare workers who are helping fight the coronavirus (Photo credit: CBC News)

Michelle Kirby knew that a pot and wooden spoon wouldn’t do. She needed more noise.

So, the former Oak Bay district councillor in British Columbia dug up a trombone she hadn’t touched in 25 years, not since her inglorious days in the back row of her high-school’s band in the tiny Kootenay village of Windermere, B.C.

To applaud the doctors, nurses and paramedics fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Kirby serenaded the Vancouver Island community of Oak Bay with the only song she could remember: When The Saints Go Marching In.

On the sidewalk outside the city’s St. Paul’s Hospital, Fin the Whale, the Vancouver Canucks’ mascot, bangs his CCM hockey stick to greet a nightly procession of police cars and fire engines, lights flashing, that crawl up and down Burrard Street, the strangely deserted downtown thoroughfare. A few blocks to the north, Coach has boarded up its Vancouver flagship shop with huge plywood slabs, perhaps anticipating worse to come.

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