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COVID-19: Hospital workers say donations make coming to work ‘a little bit easier’ (SPH)

(Photo credit: The Kingston-Whig Standard)

In addition to banging pots at 7 p.m., Metro Vancouver residents have shown their gratitude to hospital workers during the COVID-19 crisis with unprecedented donations of food and other items to buoy spirits.

Dr. Amber Galbraith and her fellow anesthesiologists at Vancouver General Hospital must insert breathing tubes down the airways of many of B.C.’s most ill COVID-19 patients, a complex medical procedure that often leaves them covered in spittle that carries the contagious virus.

“It puts us at the most risk of contamination, since we are inches away from the airway and we are generating aerosols (droplets in the air). We are doing our best with PPE, which is different layers that we put on our bodies to try to protect our skin from getting the virus spread onto it,” Galbraith said.

“And St. Paul’s is setting up a similar program as well,” Barrow said. “That is absolutely amazing that the whole community is coming together, and when something good is happening to them they are helping someone else.”

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