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Dispatches from B.C.’s front lines: Seven weeks of COVID-19, as seen by six health professionals (Dr. Daniel Kalla and RN Moses Li, SPH & MSJ)

Medical staff at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver listen to the neighbourhood cheer for them (Photo credit: The Globe and Mail)

Since the coronavirus pandemic’s tipping point in March, doctors, paramedics and nurses have been doing their best to save lives. These are their stories.

COVID-19 became real to many British Columbians on March 12, just before the start of the spring break. That’s when B.C.’s medical officer of health warned against all non-essential travel outside of Canada and ordered large gatherings to be cancelled.

The diarists

  • Dr. Cyrus McEachern, consultant anesthesiologist, Vancouver Acute Department of Anesthesiology, Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Hospital
  • Jayne Hamilton, advanced care paramedic, Metro Vancouver
  • Megan Lawrence, primary care paramedic, Metro Vancouver
  • Moses Li, registered nurse/clinical nurse leader, emergency department, St. Paul’s Hospital
  • Dr. Steve Reynolds, specialist in infectious diseases, internal medicine and critical care, ICU physician and site medical director at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster
  • Dr. Daniel Kalla, department head of emergency medicine for St. Paul’s and Mount Saint Joseph hospitals, and practising emergency physician

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