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The people who cared for a COVID-19 patient: How a single case was handled (Dr. Dr. Shannon O’Donnell, Dr. Marc Romney, Dr. Mathieu Surprenant, Dr. Charles Yang, Dr. Shannon Lockhart, Dr. Gavin Tansley, Dr. Del Dorscheid, and Respiratory Therapist Kevin Novakowski, SPH)

B.C. Ambulance paramedic Jeff Booton cleans his ambulance at station 233 in Lions Bay, B.C. Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Booton was among the people who cared for a COVID-19 patient. The doctors and nurses who care for the critically ill already understand death is a reality. But COVID-19 has added an emotional burden to their work. (Photo credit: The Tri-City News)

VANCOUVER — The call came in on an afternoon in March: a patient at a medical clinic in Vancouver complained of chest pains.

Paramedic Jeffrey Booton watched the details flash across the screen as he and his partner made their way to the clinic.

It was his first potential case of COVID-19 and he felt both trepidation and a sense of duty.

This is the story of those who cared for a single case at St. Paul’s.

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