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Caffè La Tana Prepares for City’s First-Ever Virtual Public Hearing for Rezoning Application (SPH)

(Photo credit: Scout Magazine)

Vancouver, BC | Caffè La Tana will be part of a City of Vancouver milestone: the first-ever virtual hearing, where City Council will determine whether the Commercial Drive grocer can rezone the property to allow them to apply for a liquor license. Initially scheduled for March 31 to take place in person at City Hall, the hearing is scheduled to take place virtually on Tuesday, May 26.

After more than a year of preparation to request a rezoning to change the permitted land use from neighbourhood grocery store to restaurant, the public hearing was cancelled due to COVID-19. However, the City of Vancouver is trying out a new virtual hearing model that will enable Caffè La Tana’s application to move forward for consideration by City Council.

In further support of the community, Savio Volpe and Pepino’s Spaghetti House are proud to continue accepting donations through their respective websites for their Healthcare Hero program, where proceeds directly fund nourishing meals for frontline healthcare workers at St. Paul’s Hospital.

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