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Commentary: Tim Louis: How to counter a dangerous trend (SPH)

(Photo credit: The Georgia Straight)

I was astonished to learn that on May 11 about 50 people congregrated outside of St. Paul’s Hospital to denounce COVID-19 as a hoax and urge the lifting of restrictions. They allege that doctors and scientists are lying, and hospitals are empty. This is about the fourth hoaxer march in Vancouver.

I don’t know what my reaction is—disbelief, sadness or outrage.

Is it my imagination or are the tinfoil-hat people growing in number lately? (Tinfoil-hat people is what my smart attendant, Cory Wilson, calls those who believe in conspiracy theories and other bunk, such as tinfoil hats will protect your brain from radiation.)

Click here for the full commentary on The Georgia Straight.

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