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I’m an ER doctor, and contracting COVID-19 has made me optimistic about the future of medicine (MSJ Dr. Joseph Finkler)

Dr. Joseph Finkler, an emergency physician in Vancouver, contracted COVID-19 in the early days of the lockdown. He says getting to witness the response to the coronavirus from inside the hospital system has given him a unique perspective on the pandemic. 5:19 (Photo credit: CBC News)

Dr. Joseph Finkler says his hospital rallied together in the face of the pandemic

Dr. Joseph Finkler has been an emergency physician at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital in Vancouver for the last 15 years.

When COVID-19 started making its way into Canada, Finkler was on the front line. A few weeks later, the symptoms began — a cough, fatigue, fever and chills.

Witnessing the response to COVID-19 — as a physician and a patient — has given Finkler a unique perspective on the pandemic that leaves him hopeful for the future.

Here is his story, as told to CBC Radio.

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