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A practicum problem: COVID-19 forces pharmacy students to weigh personal health, on-time graduation (SPH)

In third and fourth year, students in the program complete their practicums within hospitals, after two years in community pharmacies earlier in their degree (Photo credit: Ubyssey Online)

The pandemic created unexpected consequences for pharmacy students completing their practicums. Now dealing with worries about health and graduating on time, they want UBC to do something about it.

Ada Mew was working at St. Paul’s Hospital when COVID-19 began to shut down the country.

The fourth-year student is in the Entry-to-Practice (E2P) PharmD program at UBC and was completing her practicum at the hospital.

On March 17, Mew was pulled out of her position and told her she wouldn’t be going back to work at the hospital. She was then reassigned to work in a community pharmacy, a Shoppers Drug Mart in Vancouver.

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