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Free cocaine and opiates being handed out in Vancouver (BCCSU)

(Photo credit: Vancouver Is Awesome)

“Step up and address the issues that are killing us, or allow us access to the resources and funds to do it ourselves, outside of the constraints of this discriminatory structure.”

The Drug User Liberation Front announces that it will hand out a safer supply of opiates and cocaine in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to people who use drugs.

Earlier today, the group held a protest march and rally in the DTES in support of a ‘real’ safe supply of drugs in British Columbia.

The protest was created in direct response to a staggering increase in overdose deaths in the province from an ever more toxic drug supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In May alone, 170 people died of an overdose, topping the previous record of 161 set in December 2016. Of the 170, the presence of fentanyl was detected in 119 cases. 

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