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Nurse-turned-artist paints abstract pieces inspired by our time in quarantine (SPH)

Abstract painter and North Vancouver resident Donna Giraud poses in her Vancouver studio. Her second show, Together Is Always Better, is inspired by our collective time living in quarantine (Photo credit: North Shore News)
North Vancouver’s Donna Giraud hosting second solo show.

There’s at least two things we’ve learned we need now more than ever during the last many months: that’s health-care workers to mind our bodies and art to replenish the soul.

Navigating our way through COVID-19, the worst public health crisis in recent memory, would be unthinkable without the throngs of nurses, doctors, care aides and other health-care professionals leading the charge. And with many of us having spent the better part of the year holed up at home, neglecting in-person social contact and staying far enough away from the office, we’ve turned to the arts – to entertainment, to culture – as a necessary salve to get us through the long days.

She started her nursing career in 2005, spending the next 14 years at busy St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. For the first five years she was a bedside nurse, tending to the needs of patients experiencing all manner of different health crises, before becoming a head nurse in the hospital’s acute medicine ward.

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