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Family breaks 3-year silence on son’s overdose death in Vancouver (SPH)

Alex Robertson died from a fentanyl overdose in 2017. His family says it's time to break the silence. (Photo credit:
‘Doesn’t anyone get it? Don’t they understand how bad this situation is?’

With 147 overdose deaths recorded in B.C. in August 2020 alone, the family of one overdose victim from 2017 says it felt it was time to break its silence, if it can help save just one life and one family from the grief they now have to live with.

Then 29-year-old Alex Robertson died in February 2017 from a fentanyl overdose in downtown Vancouver while on a business trip.

On a trip back from abroad to make a presentation for the app, his family said he overdosed on fentanyl in a café washroom in Vancouver and was rushed to hospital the afternoon of Jan. 29, 2017.  He died a week later on Feb. 5 in St. Paul’s Hospital.

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