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Explainer: Vancouver Opts Out of Implementing Mandatory Mask Policy (Dr. Val Montessori, SPH)

Vancouver City Hall (Photo credit: The Runner)

Vancouver City Councillors opted for using the phrase “strongly encouraged” instead of “mandatory”  when it comes to face mask policies in indoor facilities during a council meeting held on Oct. 20.

With B.C.’s anticipation for the second wave of COVID-19, it was proposed that face masks should be worn inside indoor premises of civic facilities as a health and safety requirement. This policy is already being implemented inside many recreation and culture facilities across the province, libraries, city halls, and in public transportation including TransLink, BC Ferries, and BC Transit.

Other individuals who approve include the Head of Division for Infectious Diseases at St. Paul’s Hospital, Dr. Val Montessori, who expressed her support for this policy.

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