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64-year-old residential care aide is 1st person in B.C. to receive COVID-19 vaccine (PHC MSJ)

Nisha Yunus, a residential care aide with Providence Health Care, is injected with a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTEch COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday, becoming the first person in B.C. to be immunized. (Photo credit: CBC News)

‘It feels like a dream came true,’ says Nisha Yunus, who received the shot Tuesday afternoon.

It was a nine-month wait for a moment that unfolded in seconds.

With a swab of an arm and the prick of a needle, a health-care worker on Tuesday became the first person in British Columbia to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, kicking off the provincial leg of a nationwide vaccination campaign that promises an end to the pandemic. 

Nisha Yunus, a 64-year-old residential care aide, received the shot shortly after 1 p.m. PT at an undisclosed vaccination site in the Vancouver Coastal Health region.

Yunus has worked for 41 years as a residential care aide at Vancouver’s Mount Saint Joseph Hospital. For that entire period, she has worked on the same unit and floor.

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