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Anti-mask rally amid B.C. COVID-19 case surge ‘really concerning’: respirologist (PHC, Dr. Don Sin)

(Photo credit: Global News)

A leading B.C. respirologist says it is “disconcerting” that hundreds of people would gather in Vancouver to rally against masks and protocols to stop the transmission of COVID-19, as case numbers continue to rise.

Crowds gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Saturday, for a “B.C. Christmas Freedom Rally” opposing masks and restrictions on activities and social gatherings implemented by public health order.

“It’s really concerning, because at an individual level, masks protect you against the virus and at the population level, if there is not sufficient buy-in in terms of mask wearing, the community transmission of the virus will continue to escalate,” said Dr. Don Sin, head of respiratory medicine at Providence Healthcare and UBC professor of medicine.

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