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COVID fatigue hits students as the pandemic stirs mental and financial stress (SPH, Dr. Scott Lear)

“We’re feeling isolated and there’s no way that we’ve been told to safely interact with people.” (Photo credit: Ubyssey Online)

As we continue wondering how much longer physical-distancing regulations will be a part of our lives, many are experiencing what they call “COVID fatigue.”

According to Dr. Scott Lear, foundation chair in cardiovascular prevention research at St. Paul’s Hospital, ‘COVID fatigue’ is characterized by the weight one feels having to assess the risk involved with their actions to the point where it becomes hard to sustain added precautionary behaviours.

“This is a perfect example of how difficult it is to sustain changes in behaviour,” said Lear, comparing actions like wearing a mask, sanitizing surfaces, and staying home as much as possible with resolutions to exercise more or eat better.

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