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St. Paul’s surgeons implant 3-D bone into B.C. man’s injured ankle—a first in Western Canada (Dr. Alastair Younger, SPH)

talus bone motorcycle accident changes white rock man's life
John Jefferson on his bike before the ankle injury that changed his life

Two summers ago, White Rock resident John Jefferson and his wife Shannon were in eastern Washington state, doing what they’ve loved doing for four decades—riding their motorcycles, enjoying the wind and the open road.

Then in one quick moment, his life changed and a health nightmare began.

Enter Dr. Alastair Younger, a St. Paul’s Hospital orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Younger contacted Duke about doing the surgery with his team at St. Paul’s. He saw it as an excellent option for John and moved forward to get the Texas company to make the 3-D bone.

Story written by Ann Gibbon.

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